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 C◼align snippet: identifiers inserted directly to an importer
 If C◼align is imported explictly by a import directive, its snippet code is injected into the importer.
 Specific macros to deal with the structure of module C◼align.


#define C◼align◼as   _Alignas
#define C◼align◼of   _Alignof
#define C◼align◼as_is_defined   1
#define C◼align◼of_is_defined   1

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

§ C◼align◼as

#define C◼align◼as   _Alignas

Definition at line 47 of file C-align.c.

§ C◼align◼as_is_defined

#define C◼align◼as_is_defined   1

Definition at line 49 of file C-align.c.

§ C◼align◼of

#define C◼align◼of   _Alignof

Definition at line 48 of file C-align.c.

§ C◼align◼of_is_defined

#define C◼align◼of_is_defined   1

Definition at line 50 of file C-align.c.