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 Platform features used by module C◼char
 Some features are recovered or pre-computed specifically for the target platform by looking into the C include files:
 Specific macros to deal with the structure of module C◼char.
 Symbols inserted from C◼snippet◼equal.


#define C◼char◼WIDTH   C◼CHAR_WIDTH
#define C◼char◼alnum   C◼char◼isalnum
#define C◼char◼alpha   C◼char◼isalpha
#define C◼char◼blank   C◼char◼isblank
#define C◼char◼cntrl   C◼char◼iscntrl
#define C◼char◼digit   C◼char◼isdigit
#define C◼char◼graph   C◼char◼isgraph
#define C◼char◼lower   C◼char◼islower
#define C◼char◼print   C◼char◼isprint
#define C◼char◼punct   C◼char◼ispunct
#define C◼char◼space   C◼char◼isspace
#define C◼char◼upper   C◼char◼isupper
#define C◼char◼xdigit   C◼char◼isxdigit


typedef char C◼char


int() C◼char◼isalnum (int c)
int() C◼char◼isalpha (int c)
int() C◼char◼isblank (int c)
int() C◼char◼iscntrl (int c)
int() C◼char◼isdigit (int c)
int() C◼char◼isgraph (int c)
int() C◼char◼islower (int c)
int() C◼char◼isprint (int c)
int() C◼char◼ispunct (int c)
int() C◼char◼isspace (int c)
int() C◼char◼isupper (int c)
int() C◼char◼isxdigit (int c)
int() C◼char◼tolower (int c)
int() C◼char◼toupper (int c)

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

§ C◼char◼alnum

#define C◼char◼alnum   C◼char◼isalnum

Definition at line 288 of file C-char.c.

§ C◼char◼alpha

#define C◼char◼alpha   C◼char◼isalpha

Definition at line 289 of file C-char.c.

§ C◼char◼blank

#define C◼char◼blank   C◼char◼isblank

Definition at line 290 of file C-char.c.

§ C◼char◼cntrl

#define C◼char◼cntrl   C◼char◼iscntrl

Definition at line 291 of file C-char.c.

§ C◼char◼digit

#define C◼char◼digit   C◼char◼isdigit

Definition at line 292 of file C-char.c.

§ C◼char◼graph

#define C◼char◼graph   C◼char◼isgraph

Definition at line 293 of file C-char.c.

§ C◼char◼lower

#define C◼char◼lower   C◼char◼islower

Definition at line 294 of file C-char.c.

§ C◼char◼print

#define C◼char◼print   C◼char◼isprint

Definition at line 295 of file C-char.c.

§ C◼char◼punct

#define C◼char◼punct   C◼char◼ispunct

Definition at line 296 of file C-char.c.

§ C◼char◼space

#define C◼char◼space   C◼char◼isspace

Definition at line 297 of file C-char.c.

§ C◼char◼upper

#define C◼char◼upper   C◼char◼isupper

Definition at line 298 of file C-char.c.

§ C◼char◼WIDTH

#define C◼char◼WIDTH   C◼CHAR_WIDTH

Definition at line 270 of file C-char.c.

§ C◼char◼xdigit

#define C◼char◼xdigit   C◼char◼isxdigit

Definition at line 299 of file C-char.c.

Typedef Documentation

§ C◼char

typedef char C◼char

Definition at line 271 of file C-char.c.

Function Documentation

§ C◼char◼isalnum()

int() C◼char◼isalnum ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼isalpha()

int() C◼char◼isalpha ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼isblank()

int() C◼char◼isblank ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼iscntrl()

int() C◼char◼iscntrl ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼isdigit()

int() C◼char◼isdigit ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼isgraph()

int() C◼char◼isgraph ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼islower()

int() C◼char◼islower ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼isprint()

int() C◼char◼isprint ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼ispunct()

int() C◼char◼ispunct ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼isspace()

int() C◼char◼isspace ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼isupper()

int() C◼char◼isupper ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼isxdigit()

int() C◼char◼isxdigit ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼tolower()

int() C◼char◼tolower ( int  c)

§ C◼char◼toupper()

int() C◼char◼toupper ( int  c)