Modular C
C◼math◼c: symbols inserted from C◼complex.
+ Collaboration diagram for C◼math◼c: symbols inserted from C◼complex.:
#define C◼math◼complex   _Complex
#define C◼math◼I   C◼complex◼I
#define C◼math◼_Complex_I   C◼complex◼_Complex_I

Detailed Description

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C◼complex snippet: identifiers inserted directly to an importer for details

This import does not fill any slots.

Macro Definition Documentation

§ C◼math◼_Complex_I

#define C◼math◼_Complex_I   C◼complex◼_Complex_I

Definition at line 484 of file C-math.c.

§ C◼math◼complex

#define C◼math◼complex   _Complex

Definition at line 482 of file C-math.c.

§ C◼math◼I

#define C◼math◼I   C◼complex◼I

Definition at line 483 of file C-math.c.