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+ Collaboration diagram for C◼real◼ldouble:


 C◼real◼ldouble snippet: identifiers inserted directly to an importer
 If C◼real◼ldouble is imported explictly by a import directive, its snippet code is injected into the importer.
 C◼real◼ldouble◼avgvar: symbols inserted from C◼snippet◼avg.
 C◼real◼ldouble◼minmax: symbols inserted from C◼snippet◼minmax.
 C◼real◼ldouble◼sumprod: symbols inserted from C◼snippet◼sum.
 Platform features used by module C◼real◼ldouble
 Some features are recovered or pre-computed specifically for the target platform by looking into the C include files:
 Specific macros to deal with the structure of module C◼real◼ldouble.
 Symbols inserted from C◼snippet◼equal.


#define C◼real◼ldouble◼ε   C◼real◼ldouble◼EPSILON
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼π   C◼real◼ldouble◼PI
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼two—π   C◼real◼ldouble◼two—PI
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼⅟—π   C◼real◼ldouble◼inv—PI
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼⅟—2—π   C◼real◼ldouble◼inv—two—PI
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼⅟—sqrt—π   C◼real◼ldouble◼inv—sqrt—PI
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼sqrt—π   C◼real◼ldouble◼sqrt—PI
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼two—⅟—sqrt—π   C◼real◼ldouble◼two—inv—sqrt—PI
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼⅟—sqrt—2   C◼real◼ldouble◼inv—sqrt—2
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼Γ   C◼real◼ldouble◼tgamma
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼ln—Γ   C◼real◼ldouble◼lgamma
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—builtin(X, Y, Z)   C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—platform((X), (Y), (Z))


typedef long double C◼real◼ldouble◼eval
typedef long double C◼real◼ldouble


long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼acos (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼acosh (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼asin (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼asinh (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼atan (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼atan2 (long double, long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼atanh (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼cbrt (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼copysign (long double, long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼cos (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼cosh (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼erf (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼erfc (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼exp (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼exp2 (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼expm1 (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼fabs (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼fdim (long double, long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼ceil (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼floor (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—platform (long double, long double, long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼fmax (long double, long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼fmin (long double, long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼fmod (long double, long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼frexp (long double, int *)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼hypot (long double, long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼ldexp (long double, int)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼lgamma (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼log (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼log10 (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼log1p (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼log2 (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼logb (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼modf (long double, long double *)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼nan (const char *)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼nearbyint (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼nextafter (long double, long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼nexttoward (long double, long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼pow (long double, long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼remainder (long double, long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼remquo (long double, long double, int *)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼rint (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼round (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼scalbln (long double, long int)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼scalbn (long double, int)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼sin (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼sinh (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼sqrt (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼tan (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼tanh (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼tgamma (long double)
long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼trunc (long double)
int() C◼real◼ldouble◼ilogb (long double)
long int() C◼real◼ldouble◼lrint (long double)
long int() C◼real◼ldouble◼lround (long double)
long long int() C◼real◼ldouble◼llrint (long double)
long long int() C◼real◼ldouble◼llround (long double)
long double C◼real◼ldouble◼fma (long double x, long double y, long double z)
long double C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—fast (long double x, long double y, long double z)

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—builtin

#define C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—builtin (   X,
)    C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—platform((X), (Y), (Z))

Definition at line 801 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

Referenced by C◼real◼ldouble◼fma(), and C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—fast().

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼ln—Γ

#define C◼real◼ldouble◼ln—Γ   C◼real◼ldouble◼lgamma

Definition at line 790 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼sqrt—π

#define C◼real◼ldouble◼sqrt—π   C◼real◼ldouble◼sqrt—PI

Definition at line 785 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼two—π

#define C◼real◼ldouble◼two—π   C◼real◼ldouble◼two—PI

Definition at line 781 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼two—⅟—sqrt—π

#define C◼real◼ldouble◼two—⅟—sqrt—π   C◼real◼ldouble◼two—inv—sqrt—PI

Definition at line 786 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼Γ

#define C◼real◼ldouble◼Γ   C◼real◼ldouble◼tgamma

Definition at line 789 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼ε

#define C◼real◼ldouble◼ε   C◼real◼ldouble◼EPSILON

Definition at line 779 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼π

#define C◼real◼ldouble◼π   C◼real◼ldouble◼PI

Definition at line 780 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼⅟—2—π

#define C◼real◼ldouble◼⅟—2—π   C◼real◼ldouble◼inv—two—PI

Definition at line 783 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼⅟—sqrt—2

#define C◼real◼ldouble◼⅟—sqrt—2   C◼real◼ldouble◼inv—sqrt—2

Definition at line 787 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼⅟—sqrt—π

#define C◼real◼ldouble◼⅟—sqrt—π   C◼real◼ldouble◼inv—sqrt—PI

Definition at line 784 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼⅟—π

#define C◼real◼ldouble◼⅟—π   C◼real◼ldouble◼inv—PI

Definition at line 782 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

Typedef Documentation

§ C◼real◼ldouble

typedef long double C◼real◼ldouble

Definition at line 719 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼eval

typedef long double C◼real◼ldouble◼eval

Definition at line 718 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

Function Documentation

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼acos()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼acos ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼acosh()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼acosh ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼asin()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼asin ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼asinh()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼asinh ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼atan()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼atan ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼atan2()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼atan2 ( long  double,
long  double 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼atanh()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼atanh ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼cbrt()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼cbrt ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼ceil()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼ceil ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼copysign()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼copysign ( long  double,
long  double 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼cos()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼cos ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼cosh()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼cosh ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼erf()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼erf ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼erfc()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼erfc ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼exp()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼exp ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼exp2()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼exp2 ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼expm1()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼expm1 ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼fabs()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼fabs ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼fdim()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼fdim ( long  double,
long  double 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼floor()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼floor ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼fma()

long double C◼real◼ldouble◼fma ( long double  x,
long double  y,
long double  z 

Definition at line 805 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

References C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—builtin.

Referenced by C◼complex◼ldouble◼fma().

805  {
806 #line 246 "/home/gustedt/build/cmod/C/C-real-ldouble.X"
807  return C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—builtin(x, y, z);
808 }
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—builtin(X, Y, Z)
+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼fmax()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼fmax ( long  double,
long  double 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—fast()

long double C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—fast ( long double  x,
long double  y,
long double  z 

Definition at line 811 of file C-real-ldouble.c.

References C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—builtin.

Referenced by C◼complex◼ldouble◼fma—fast().

811  {
812 #line 251 "/home/gustedt/build/cmod/C/C-real-ldouble.X"
813 #if C◼real◼ldouble◼FAST_FMA
814  return C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—builtin(x, y, z);
815 #else
816  return x*y + z;
817 #endif
818 }
#define C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—builtin(X, Y, Z)
+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—platform()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼fma—platform ( long  double,
long  double,
long  double 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼fmin()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼fmin ( long  double,
long  double 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼fmod()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼fmod ( long  double,
long  double 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼frexp()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼frexp ( long  double,

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼hypot()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼hypot ( long  double,
long  double 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼ilogb()

int() C◼real◼ldouble◼ilogb ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼ldexp()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼ldexp ( long  double,

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼lgamma()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼lgamma ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼llrint()

long long int() C◼real◼ldouble◼llrint ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼llround()

long long int() C◼real◼ldouble◼llround ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼log()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼log ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼log10()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼log10 ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼log1p()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼log1p ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼log2()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼log2 ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼logb()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼logb ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼lrint()

long int() C◼real◼ldouble◼lrint ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼lround()

long int() C◼real◼ldouble◼lround ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼modf()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼modf ( long  double,
long double *   

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼nan()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼nan ( const char *  )

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼nearbyint()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼nearbyint ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼nextafter()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼nextafter ( long  double,
long  double 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼nexttoward()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼nexttoward ( long  double,
long  double 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼pow()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼pow ( long  double,
long  double 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼remainder()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼remainder ( long  double,
long  double 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼remquo()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼remquo ( long  double,
long  double,

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼rint()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼rint ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼round()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼round ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼scalbln()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼scalbln ( long  double,
long  int 

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼scalbn()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼scalbn ( long  double,

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼sin()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼sin ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼sinh()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼sinh ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼sqrt()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼sqrt ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼tan()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼tan ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼tanh()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼tanh ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼tgamma()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼tgamma ( long  double)

§ C◼real◼ldouble◼trunc()

long double() C◼real◼ldouble◼trunc ( long  double)