Modular C
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 Platform features used by module C◼real
 Some features are recovered or pre-computed specifically for the target platform by looking into the C include files:
 Specific macros to deal with the structure of module C◼real.


typedef float C◼real◼real4
typedef double C◼real◼real8
typedef long double C◼real◼realX


int const C◼real◼errhandling
 This aliases symbol math_errhandling. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

§ C◼real◼real4

typedef float C◼real◼real4

Definition at line 158 of file C-real.c.

§ C◼real◼real8

typedef double C◼real◼real8

Definition at line 159 of file C-real.c.

§ C◼real◼realX

typedef long double C◼real◼realX

Definition at line 160 of file C-real.c.

Variable Documentation

§ C◼real◼errhandling

int C◼real◼errhandling

This aliases symbol math_errhandling.